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Italo Bambini is the product of many years teaching Italian as a foreign language. We realize that our students are a second and third generation. Our experience with many nationalities has enabled us to recognize the needs of young learners.

Our program concentrates on verbal communication and action. To learn a language it is natural to develop oral skills first. We make use of both modern and conventional teaching materials. We choose activities to enhance the camp experience from cultural, education and health fields.

To every child, we dedicate the amount of attention needed. Our instructors are chosen for their professionalism, their enthusiasm and positive outlook.


Our philosophy, first and foremost, is to teach friendship and respect for one another and to encourage the positive qualities that children naturally have. Our aim is to find out their personality and what they like to do.


The teacher’s job is not only to cover the program but also to develop the whole child. We try to keep at their level, because we believe we always have something to learn, even from children. When introducing a new lesson, it is usually something we choose together (e.g. songs, plays, famous artists). This keeps the students attentive, interested and motivated.


If they are distracted, we try to change the activity, repeating it if necessary. Since many students are visual learners, we make use of board games, smart board, plays, animation, songs, and gestures. This stimulates creativity and imagination.


We encourage students to love their cultural language, to express themselves, and to have conversations with their parents and nonni. We believe in inspiring confidence so that they feel at ease, whatever their skill level.